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Verdt å følge: Instagram Edition #4

Verdt å følge: Instagram Edition #4

Fem nye skjulte juveler på Instagram.

Lei av de samme klokkene i feeden din dag ut og dag inn? Instagram kan fort bli et ekkokammer av et knippe «hotte» klokker, fremvist på håndledd av ulike tykkelser, fargetoner og behåring. Kjedelige, uinspirerende og i ytterste konsekvens drepende for klokkeinteressen.

Men fortvil ikke – her kommer fem gode Instagram-kontoer det er verdt å følge! (Se også våre tidligere forslag #1, #2 og #3).


I undertegnedes øyne får ikke Girard-Perregaux helt den oppmerksomheten de fortjener. Heldigvis finnes det unntak, som den anonyme samleren bak The GP Chronicles.


Anonym samler med heftig gods i skuffen. En fin miks av både gammelt og moderne, men nærmest utelukkende eksepsjonelle klokker av den avanserte og/eller sjeldne sorten. Vi lar bildet nedenfor tale for seg selv.


Mannen, myten, legenden. Det er mer ved Gérald Genta enn Royal Oak og Nautilus, og flere sider ved den anerkjente klokkedesigneren deles nå på en Instagram-kontoen drevet av Gérald Genta Heritage Association og Gentas familie.


Francesca Cartier Brickell er barnebarnet til Jean-Jacques Cartier – den siste i Cartier-familien som ledet det kjente luksushuset. Med en åpenbar interesse for familiens historie, har Cartier Brickell skrevet boken «Cartiers: The Untold Story of the Family behind the Jewellery Empire». Flere av historiene og funnene deles på Instagram.

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Cartier started making men’s #wristwatches in the early 20th century. It was a ground-breaking move at a time when watches, with a diamond or silk strap, were the preserve of women (men wore the #pocketwatch). So the Cartiers not only created a new item but had to make it fashionable. They did this by working with early ‘brand ambassadors’. Today it might be the Hollywood star that brands hope will wear their creations, back then one of the most famous celebrities was an aviator. #AlbertoSantosDumont was a character, known for getting around Paris in an early flying machine and tying it to lampposts as he popped into bars for a glass of champagne! He was also a friend of Louis Cartier. When Louis made his first men’s watch for Santos, the association with him was brilliant publicity. A few years later came the famous Tank watch. Again this demonstrated the Cartiers’ avant-garde marketing. In French, the word for watch is feminine, “la montre”. By naming one of his early watches after the tanks in the war (the shape of the caterpillar treads was said to have inspired the design), Louis gave his new timepiece a masculine sounding name ‘Le Tank,’ tapping into the mentality of the day. Some men preferred to stick with their pocket watches, including Alfred Cartier, but in time Cartier’s new watches became something of a status symbol: Andy Warhol, when asked why he never wound his, exclaimed “I don’t wear a Tank to tell the time! I wear a Tank because it is the watch to wear!” And they weren’t limited to men: #JackieO was one of many stylish women to wear one (her husband JFK called the Tank “France’s greatest gift to America since the Statue of Liberty”). After WW2, my grandfather #JeanJacquesCartier told me that watches became even more important as large items of jewellery were frowned upon in a period of austerity (timepieces were more justifiable as they were functional). He worked with the best craftsmen to ensure each handmade watch, like the iconic #cartiercrash, was top of the range both mechanically and aesthetically. Hope this video helps bring the history to life. If you know any Cartier vintage-watch fans who might enjoy it, do feel free to tag them!

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Ganske enkelt den ultimate IG-kilden for informasjon og vakre shots av A. Lange & Söhne. Innehaveren har tidligere vært ansatt merket, og kjenner nærmest hver eneste klokke, historie og myte knyttet til det tyske merket.

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Today, I bring you the story of this almost unknown special edition by @singaporewatchclub enjoy! * I’ve always been drawn towards unusual watches, ones that tell a story. Watches that marks a specific point in time, distinguishing itself from the past and future. This piece here is one such example. At first glance, it is recognisable as a member of the 1815 line: Arabic numerals mark the hour chapters, in Lange’s signature font. Except for “XLVII” at 9, and “BLOME” at 3. This is a striking deviation from Lange’s usual reserved and understated style. Putting aside the inaugural PourLeMerite of the brand’s revival collection in 1994, it was widely believed that the 1998 run of 100 Lange 1A timepieces was Lange’s first limited edition series. However, this rare double-signed 1815 predates the Lange 1A by a full year, rightfully Lange’s true first-ever limited edition release. It was a special order by Düsseldorf retailer @BlomeUhren in 1997, to celebrate their 50th anniversary since establishment in 1947. Hence, the “XLVII” (Roman for 47) and “BLOME” signature, at 9 and 3 respectively. On top of being the only Lange with a double-signed dial, it is also highly unusual to see Lange honouring the retailer’s name in a much larger print than its own, both facts being unthinkable of the brand today. Only 10 pieces were produced, interestingly numbered with a special engraving on the 3/4 movement plate, rather than on the case back like subsequent limited editions. The case back is of course where Lange shine’s the brightest. A fantastic exhibition of all the hallmarks of traditional German watchmaking; flame-blued screws, gold chatons, and red rubies sprucing up the warm German silver plate. Finished with black polish, Glashütte ribbing, artisanal bevels, and the unmistakable hand engraving on the balance cock. It came with all the usual accompanying accessories, including original purchase documentation from H.D. Blome. This acquisition is an important and sentimental one for me, a timepiece that I feel a strong connection towards. No doubt one that I will cherish and enjoy for many more years to come. * Thank you!

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